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After School Activities

After-school activities are an important extension of the school day which enable students to explore areas of personal interest, socialize with friends and develop relationships with additional adults.

High School
Students may participate in a wide selection of activities including sports, student council, newspaper, yearbook and various clubs. Activity start and end times vary. Students must make arrangements prior to the activity for transportation.

Middle School
A wide selection of activities includes academic enrichment classes, tutoring, sports, student council, newspaper, yearbook and various clubs. Activities begin at 2:25 p.m. and end at 4 p.m. For students eligible for transportation, activity buses are available to transport students from school to home. Students not eligible for the activity bus must make other arrangements to be picked up at school by 4 p.m. Arrangements should be made the day prior to the activity. Students receive a list of after-school activities and an activity bus route at the beginning of the school year. After-school and evening activities and classes are cancelled on snow days and early dismissal days.

Ritenour elementary schools offer selected special-interest classes after school for students at a minimal cost. Information about the classes and registration is sent home prior to the first class. Some schools also offer enrichment classes or clubs at no cost. The district is not able to provide buses following after-school classes, so parents are reminded to make transportation arrangements for their child.

Special reading education classes are provided for qualifying students after school at no cost.

Please note: All school evening activities such as school-age child care, scouts, special reading education classes and community use of buildings are cancelled on snow days or if school is dismissed early.