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Mission and Vision

Buder Mission

In order to promote high academic success and celebrate our diversity, the mission of Buder Elementary School is to:
Build a safe, nurturing environment
Unite school, home and community
Develop self-reliant, productive citizens and to actively
Engage life-long learners; and to foster
Respect for self and others

Buder Vision

We are a community of capable, connected and contributing lifelong learners who are responsible, respectful, and cooperative problem solvers.

Buder Values

We are a community. We are students, staff, families, and neighbors actively involved together in the learning process.

We are capable. We use our skills, strategies, and resources to successfully accomplish our goals.

We are connected. We rely on and support each other every day and in every way.

We are contributing. We share our good ideas and our goodwill with our school community.

We are lifelong learners. We increase our knowledge and build upon it for success today and in the future.

We are responsible. We take ownership and do what is required, expected, and right.

We are respectful. We take care of and value ourselves, one another, and our school.

We are cooperative. We work together peacefully to accomplish our goals.

We are problem solvers. We approach challenges with a can-do attitude.